Dave Matthews Band

Under the Table and Dreaming (Expanded Edition)



Sadly Spotify doesn't have the original version (only this "expanded edition"), so for me the album stops at "#34", can't vouch for the bonus tracks. That said, this was an integral part of my musical upbringing, and even though DMB gets a TON of hate I've always enjoyed them. Might be a generational thing? Anyways, if you've never heard them outside of a few singles, their albums are very "jam band"ish with lots of 3 minute saxophone solos and such, but it's just "fun" and doesn't bother me. It's really hard picking favorites off this album since it's just fused with my music-DNA at this point, but here's an attempt: "Satellite", "Typical Situation", "Rhyme & Reason" and "#34"

Most Popular Tracks
  1. Ants Marching
  2. Satellite
  3. Jimi Thing
  4. What Would You Say
  5. The Best of What's Around
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