Girl Talk

Night Ripper



Party time! "Classic" (2006...) mashup album that was the first to get it right. Instead of the old "song A + song B == song C" formula, Girl Talk (aka Gregg Gillis)'s went with more of a "10 seconds each of 50 songs synced up properly = Song A", then does it for 16 tracks. Also, for "name that tune" nerds (ahem), this one still teaches me songs I'd never heard before. This is the first of his "major label" mashup trilogy (still waiting on the 4th), so it might sound a little dated but it's still a quality listen for "PUMPED UP TIMES!"

Most Popular Tracks
  1. Once Again
  2. Smash Your Head
  3. Bounce That
  4. Too Deep
  5. Minute By Minute
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